Security Risk Management Toolkit

Learn how to develop and manage security risk management activities including: strategies, assessments, security plans, digital security, people management, and the hibernation, evacuation, and relocation of staff in emergencies. These short, interactive guides were created in partnership with the Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF).

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What You Will Learn

This collection of 6 short, interactive mobile guides were designed to help you protect yourself, your organization, and your community. Each guide covers a different topic:

  1. Planning security risk management strategies and systems

  2. Conducting context analysis, actor mapping, and risk assessments

  3. Creating effective security plans

  4. Developing contingency plans for hibernation, relocation, and evacuation of staff

  5. Implementing digital security polices and procedures

  6. Integrating security risk management into people management

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Learner Review

"DisasterReady has really expanded my knowledge and it’s through this learning I have received two promotions and chosen to train security staff, drivers, and my junior staff in the organization." 

Richard U.

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